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CPAP Shop knows customer behavior

CPAP Shop knows customer behavior

WEST BERLIN, N.J. - If you want to get a sense of where the CPAP market is headed, go straight to the source: the customers, says provider Tony Zadnik.

The provider regularly asks customers to participate in short surveys that ask questions like whether they take an active role in monitoring their therapy; how they monitor their therapy; and how often they replace parts.

Sometimes the survey answers make Zadnik, owner of online provider The CPAP Shop, say, 'wow'; other times they underscore what Zadnik already knows, he said.

“We like to hone in on what the marketplace is seeing,” said Zadnik. “It helps us further our knowledge of not only products, but what people's behaviors are.”

In its most recent survey, which drew about 400 responses, only 25% of respondents said they monitor their results themselves via downloadable software or through an app. The majority (39%) said they share and monitor results with their doctor.

Those answers don't surprise Zadnik, who says many people are using older units, even as new technology enters the market.

“The DreamStation and the AirSense 10—those are the ones that are easy to use with connectivity,” he said. “For the old school (equipment), it was, here's my SD card, give it to the doctor. Give it another generation of machines and all that's going to be gone.”

A few other highlights from the survey: The majority of survey respondents (34%) monitor their therapy daily; and the majority (45%) sticks to a schedule to replace parts.

The 11-year-old The CPAP Shop offers a wide range of sleep therapy products and brands, and accepts no insurance.

In addition to surveying customers, the CPAP Shop's website features a robust blog section and lots of resources for patients, says Zadnik.

“My philosophy is, the more people have knowledge and are able to make decisions about their own health care, the better it is for everyone,” he said. “From our perspective, people are making the right choices and they are happy, so that's what we strive for.”


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