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Dangerous acronyms

Dangerous acronyms

We're heading toward the final stretch of Friday afternoon here at HME News World HQ, and I thought I'd share a little story with you guys to perk you up to make it to the finish line.

Back in the olden days, when I first started at HME News (last April) Liz asked me to write some story for the mobility section and to talk to Simon Margolis from NRRTS.

I nodded my head, walked back to my cube, and promptly forgot who I was supposed to contact. However, I did remember the organization, so I hopped on Google and typed in NARRTS. (Hey, that's how we pronounce NRRTS!)

You might have guessed, that didn't lead me too far toward getting in touch with Simon, but what did I find?

The Non-Association of Ramblers & Rhinoceros Trackers (NARRTs). Yep. Rhinoceros trackers.

Wonder what kind of trade publication would be calling those guys?


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