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Distribution: Capitalize on seasonal demand 

Distribution: Capitalize on seasonal demand 

Q. What products should I feature to maximize sales and referrals during the winter?  

A. As the days turn colder, respiratory supplies and equipment always become more in demand. Forward thinking providers will seek to capitalize on this by positioning themselves to existing patients and referral sources as a one-stop shop for respiratory therapies. A great way to do this is to ensure your HME is presenting a blended formulary of products – including those reimbursed by insurance and those retail-focused items that consumers (or in many cases, the adult children of consumers) will pay for out of pocket. 

A great resource to help you develop a strong respiratory formulary is your distributor partner. Just think: Distributors work with thousands of providers every quarter. They can view cumulative data across all accounts to define what respiratory items are best sellers by volume, top sellers by revenue, trending items that are spiking in sales, and the latest items to be released that are selling well in the home care channel. 

By working with a distributor and utilizing this powerful data, you can ensure you are positioning your HME to capture all available opportunities within your service area when respiratory supplies and equipment are more in demand. By purchasing your supplies and equipment through distribution, you can access product lines from all the leading respiratory manufacturers with one phone call. If your preferred brand is out of stock due to a supply chain issue, you can quickly pivot to a different brand without missing a beat. Instead of tying up capital for high dollar respiratory equipment like POCs, utilize a distributor’s patient home delivery program and drop ship those items direct‐to‐home as you sell them. Formulary assistance, drop-ship programs and product substitution recommendations are just a few ways your distributor can help you succeed this respiratory season. 

Colton Mason is senior vice president at Supreme Medical Fulfillment. Reach him at or 800-461-1370.


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