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E-prescribing: Keep patients your top priority

E-prescribing: Keep patients your top priority Q. How can technology best connect caregivers, vendors and physicians, while simplifying the workday?

A. Technological advancement across all industries can bring positive and negative repercussions. The key to implementing positive changes is by adopting systems that benefit all parties involved such as simplifying workflows, increasing efficiency and providing the necessary support.

In speaking with partners and colleagues across the country, it is striking how imbalanced and unaligned caregivers, vendors, and physicians can be when adopting new technological changes. A new change for a caregiver might mean additional work for a physician. A vendor might be offering a solution to a physician that increases the workload of a caregiver. Technology changes are received best when it's a win across the board.

By prioritizing what patients stand to gain from the new technology, we can begin to understand how it can positively impact those who will be using it. When organizations prioritize developing a tool that benefits the patient, they can more easily see how caregivers, therapists, doctors, and more can use those tools to make a product that is beneficial for everyone. When organizations set out to solely improve workflows, they can lose sight of who the tool is supposed to benefit the most.

If we always keep the patient as the top priority and beneficiary, and how they can benefit from various technological changes—caregivers, vendors, and physicians will have much more success in finding technology that makes it easier for everyone.


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