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e-store paves way for future expansion

e-store paves way for future expansion

Robert BoscacciRICHMOND, B.C. – HME Home Health's website has undergone its first major overhaul in four years – a very long time in the world of tech, says CEO and Co-founder Robert Boscacci. 

A highlight of the new website, which took the better part of a year to develop: an e-store. 
“Here’s the thing, our customers are online,” said Boscacci. “So, the demand has been there, and since the pandemic, in particular, we’re finding our customers—more and more—want to interact with our team online and they want the ability to shop online. It is the two biggest pieces of feedback we’ve received.” 

HME Home Health will add another 25 products to the e-store over the next several months. 

In addition to offering a more streamlined payment system, the new e-store is completely integrated with the company’s seven warehouses, ensuring all products ship within 48 hours. The platform also offers a live chat feature and allows sales teams and therapists to share shopping carts with families, eliminating the back-and-forth of quotes. 
“We overhauled this website from the very bones,” said Boscacci. “We had two goals in mind: to make an e-commerce website and make the products easy to find.” 

Even with the new website, Boscacci says technology still keeps him up at night. He says companies that don’t pivot toward e-stores and AI over the next 18 to 24 months could find themselves left behind. 
“And with this platform streamlining our processes and ensuring products are in stock, we’re now able to reach new markets,” said Boscacci. "So, we will be beginning that journey over the next several years.”


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