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Exit interview with Simon Margolis

Exit interview with Simon Margolis Proudest moment: Attaining respect for NRRTS

LUBBOCK, Texas - Simon Margolis retires from his executive director position at NRRTS Aug. 30. While he will spend the rest of the year as a part-time consultant for the registry, his official retirement will mark the end of years of service to the complex rehab industry. He recently spoke to HME News about how the industry and NRRTS have grown together.

HME News: How long have you been with NRRTS?

Simon Margolis: I've been in and out. I was there at the first inkling of NRRTS in 1990, and I was its second president. When the registry's first executive director retired, I became executive director then, in 2006.

HME: How do you think the industry has changed?

Margolis: It used to be more of a homegrown industry—there wasn't a lot of commercial technology then. People had to be skilled at all sorts of things. We've also seen the growth of companies like Numotion and National Seating and Mobility. I don't think that's a bad thing. They can support the industry in ways small companies can't.

HME: How do you think the organization has changed?

Margolis: The NRRTS Newsletter grew into Directions Magazine, and we introduced the webinar series, so our members could get continuing education without having to pay and without having to travel.

HME News: What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Margolis: CELA. Partnering with NCART to hold this event brought together consumer advocates and the suppler-manufacturer community for their mutual benefit. Another thing I'm proud of is the respect and visibility NRRTS has attained in recent years.


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