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Friday fun facts

Friday fun facts

Since it's Friday, and since I'm pulling together some data for our 2013 State of the Industry Report, I thought I'd share a Top 10 list with you.

Here are the Top 10 providers for 2012 by amount allowed by Medicare:

1.) Lincare ($746,211,087)
2.) Accredo Health Group ($375,246,527)
3.) Apria Healthcare ($361,719,649)
4.) Liberty Medical Supply ($302,675,152)
5.) Lincare Pharmacy Services ($209,024,041)
6.) Walgreen Co. ($195,218,374)
7.) KCI USA ($172,178,074)
8.) DEGC Enterprise ($120,823,881)
9.) Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics ($95,753,997)
10.) MED4HOME ($90,268,447)

When you compare this list with the Top 10 for 2011, you'll see, among other things, that Apria has dropped from #2 to #3, that Braden Partners has moved off the list (down to #17), that Walgreen has moved up to #6 from #7, that Hangar has moved up to #9 from #10.

We get this data, by the way, from CMS via a Freedom of Information Action (FOIA) request.

Have a great long weekend!


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