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Friday fun facts, part 2

Friday fun facts, part 2

So last time I left you, I had given you a little taste of the data that will appear in the 2013 State of the Industry Report.

To be honest with you: Every year, I put some of this data together prematurely right around the HME News Business Summit in September in case a speaker doesn't show up and I have to pinch hit (This is what former Editor Mike Moran used to do and so this is what I do).

In the three years now that I have been programming the Summit, I've never had to use this “emergency presentation.” And anyone who knows me, knows I am very thankful for that.

Still, it would be a shame for all of that prep work to go to waste, so below you'll find a few more nuggets of data from the forthcoming 2013 State of the Industry Report (again, it will be an insert in the December issue).

Medicare utilization for 2012 vs. 2011 by allowed charges

Biggest gains:

A4253, blood glucose strips, up 20.54% to $1.3B

A7032, replacement nasal cushion, up 29.06% to $57.8M

K0825, PWC Group 2 HD Captain, up 44.57% to $37.9M

L1832, knee orthosis adjustable knee joints, up 55.58% to $47.2M

Biggest losses:

A6021, collagen dressing size 16 inches or less, down 19.65% to $33.7M

E0439, stationary liquid oxygen, down 20.33% to $46.9M

E2365, U1 sealed lead acid battery, down 19.32% to $29.9M

E0277, powered pressure reducing air mattress, down 13.57% to $55.1M


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