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'Genuine leadership'

'Genuine leadership'

The old adage says that the truth lies somewhere between two versions of the same story. Professional coach Kelly Franko helps her clients distinguish the truth from the “frauds” we may believe.

“On our journey of self awareness, our confidence is built on the truths we believe about things we know,” Franko says. “When we have untruths based on things we were taught or learned, it shapes how we become leaders.”

She'll discuss this concept in her Medtrade session to help providers become more effective leaders and lifelong learners. Here's a sneak peek.

HME News: How do you distinguish “genuine leadership” from leadership?

Kelly Franko: Leadership is someone giving out directions and telling people what they should be doing. But a genuine leader is very self-aware and knows what they need to do from a truth perspective. If you are an old-style manager who says, “Do it because I told you to,” you're going to head-butt with your employees. What you display as a leader creates your workplace.

HME: What are some of the obstacles people face in becoming a genuine leader?

Franko: The biggest is ego. You have to get to the point where your ego will allow you to say, “I don't know everything, but I can learn it.” When you take that scab off, it hurts your confidence a little.

HME: Why do you think genuine leadership is so important in the HME industry?

Franko: When it comes to things like competitive bidding, if you have shown that you are concerned about the individual person, they will rally behind you and do what they can.


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