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Government Relations: Speak with one voice

Government Relations: Speak with one voice

Ike IsaacsonQ. How do we enhance our message?

A. When we speak together, we improve the health care landscape. We demonstrate that we are a trustworthy and dependable source of information and expertise, and that we represent a large and diverse group of stakeholders who all care deeply about the DMEPOS industry and those we serve. This collective voice pushes back on any negative or false claims that may come from other interests or groups. 

We increase the awareness and recognition of the DMEPOS industry and its value, as we can reach more people and media, and create a stronger and more lasting impression. We can enhance coordination and cooperation among the industry, as we can share our data, resources, strategies and best practices, and avoid any confusion or inconsistency in our efforts. This leads to a stronger sense of community and commitment within the industry and serves to motivate us to keep working and overcoming any challenges.   

However, speaking together is not easy, and it requires careful planning and management. We may face some challenges, such as: finding a common goal and a shared vision among ourselves; respecting and addressing the diversity and differences in the industry; balancing the interests and needs of our colleagues; ensuring effective communication and feedback; and resolving any conflicts or disputes that may arise. 

Therefore, it is urgent, now more than ever, that we join together through state associations and national membership and advocacy groups such as VGM, NCART, AAHomecare and others. Speaking together is the key factor for improving our advocacy success: It increases our credibility, awareness and coordination. 

In 2024, the DMEPOS industry had a significant role in the debates in Washington, D.C. To ensure that we sustain that momentum, even in the face of setbacks, we must show a unified front, speak with a unified voice, and together be champions of change. 

Mike “Ike” Isaacson is senior vice president of government relations at VGM & Associates. Reach him at


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