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Health care needs to be integrated, data needs to flow

Health care needs to be integrated, data needs to flow

ATLANTA - As aging adults turn their collective economic resources to a growing array of health needs, they are increasingly interested in using technology that can help them integrate family, healthcare and community support for active, aging independence.

At Medtrade in Atlanta, in “Connecting with the Silver Tsunami,” Val Ornoy, CEO of LifeAssist, will participate on a panel that will highlight some of the specific demographics and psychographics information that should be considered as providers create and deploy mobile offerings to this group.

HME News: Are current senior citizens online, and will this online presence only increase when baby boomers become seniors?

Val Ornoy: That depends on what you consider to be a senior citizen.  On the lower end of the 65-plus spectrum, there are quite a few people online. At the same time, what does it mean to be online?  My parents are 80, and they're comfortable surfing and texting. But downloading an app or streaming things—that's a different story.

HME: Why is integrating mobile apps into a healthcare organization a good idea?

Ornoy: The problem we're trying to solve—our fragmented approach to providing care—is a significant problem across health care. We believe in using technology where it can assist and augment. Over half of senior citizens have at least two to three chronic health issues, but usually none of their caregivers—doctors, family members, clinics—are talking to each other. We want to give them technological tools so that they can connect and share information, maybe just know of each other's existence.

HME: If attendees take away one thing from this session, what should it be?

Ornoy: People should start to care about the fact that we have neighbors who are sick, so what can we do to take better care of them? The key for us is that there should be a general realization that there aren't a lot of integrated touch points. We have to start to connect the senior and long-term care recipients with family and different care providers. All have to be connected and talking each other. Data needs to flow. We need financial support and innovation support. Currently, it's not happening to the extent it needs to.

Val Ornoy, CEO, LifeAssist; Greg Borecki, vice president, Stanley Healthcare; Harry Nelson, founder, Nelson Hardiman

“Connecting with the Silver Tsunami”

Tuesday, Oct. 24, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM, Room C209

Contact: Val Ornoy 415-713-6563 /[email protected]


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