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Madeline Delp on 'living life harder' in a wheelchair

November 21, 2017Liz Beaulieu, Editor

ASHEVILLE, N.C. - Madeline Delp, 2017 Ms. Wheelchair USA, has been known to speak at a state HME association meeting and have lunch with stakeholders like AAHomecare's Laura Williard. It's a reflection of Delp's gratitude for the industry that provides the product—her wheelchair—that allows her to “Live Boundless,” her motto and her platform going into the pageant, her first. “I used to begrudgingly see the wheelchair as a thing I didn't want to...

2017, Madeline Delp, Wheelchair

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Gary Sheehan: Homecare Champion on 'doing the right thing'

November 3, 2017Tracy Orzel

ATLANTA - Gary Sheehan, president and CEO of Sandwich, Mass.-based Cape Medical Supply, received the 2017 Van Miller Homecare Champion Award at AAHomecare's Stand Up for Homecare event at Medtrade in October. He spoke with HME News about the importance of taking ownership in the name of advocacy. HME News: You've been lobbying for 10 years now. Why is it important to take the time to meet with lawmakers? Gary Sheehan: That's a part of my job; that's a part of leadership; that's...

2017, Award, Cape Medical Supply, Gary Sheehan, Medtrade, Van Miller Homecare Champion

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Medtrade 2017: A shorter, but upbeat and refreshing, show

October 27, 2017Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

ATLANTA - The mood at Medtrade 2017 was palpably up, say show organizers. While attendance was down slightly, it was in line with projections and it was to be expected now that competitive bidding has forced about 40% of providers to close their doors, says Kevin Gaffney, group show director. “(The mood) was significantly better than last year, to the point where I can feel it,” he said. “There's progress being made (on a number of industry issues) and good things are...

2017, Kevin Gaffney, Medtrade

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Barbara Smith: HME Woman of the Year embodies focus, fire

October 27, 2017Liz Beaulieu, Editor

ATLANTA - HME provider Barbara Smith says she's usually the one giving out awards, not receiving them, so when she was named the 2017 HME Woman of the Year at Medtrade last week, she was, needless to say, surprised. “I had no expectation of winning,” said Smith, the CEO of Healthline Medical Equipment in Wichita Falls, Texas, where, over the past 25 years, she has worked her way up from sales rep to partner. “Being among the four finalists was incredible enough for me.” Here's...

2017, Award, Barbara Smith, HME Woman of The Year, Medtrade

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'All the stuff'

October 24, 2017Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

We flew into Atlanta on Sunday afternoon and after an early dinner, followed by drinks in the lobby bar at the Omni, I found myself killing a bit of time (a.k.a playing with my phone). “Psst, Theresa, can I buy you drink?” It was Rose Schafhauser, the executive director of MAMES, also killing a few minutes. “Absolutely,” said I. Rose and I chatted about any number of things, including how hard it can be to remember to recognize everyone for their contributions (Rose)...

2017, HME News, Medtrade

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Medtrade Show Daily

Less lecturing, more engagement

October 20, 2017John Andrews

The Medtrade Education Advisory Board wants more direct feedback from attendees to liven up seminar proceedings, and they contend the predominant “town hall” format will allow for just that level of dynamic participation. “We believe it is important for attendees to be engaged during the education programs,” said EAB leader Jeff Baird. “This engagement facilitates learning and retention. While the board has carefully selected program discussion leaders, we also understand...

2017, Jeff Baird, Medtrade

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Medtrade Show Daily

Choose your path

October 20, 2017Jeff Rowe

ATLANTA - In today's environment, buying or selling a DME business requires understanding a range of valuation issues, creative structuring concepts and legal risks to avoid. At Medtrade in Atlanta, in “Modern Perspectives on Buying and Selling DME Suppliers,” Daniel Brown, a partner at Taylor English Duma LLP, will participate on a panel that will discuss the key issues involved in crafting a growth strategy through acquisition or sale at the right time using the best methods. HME...

2017, Daniel Brown, Medtrade, Taylor English Duma LLP

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Medtrade Show Daily

Medtrade speaker spotlight: Mind the care gaps, says John Stelzner of Philips

October 13, 2017Jeff Rowe

ATLANTA- The healthcare market is moving quickly from fee-for-service to pay-for-performance, a trend that is leaving providers with a lack of both proven care models and cross-team communication. At Medtrade, Oct. 23-25 in Atlanta, John Stelzner, vice president of sales and business development for Philips, will be part of a panel that will outline the changes and challenges in the care and management of COPD patients, and the role analytics may play in proving the value an HME provider's...

2017, John Stelzner, Medtrade, Philips

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Medtrade Show Daily

Retail remains a key Medtrade theme

September 22, 2017John Andrews

As the home medical equipment business continues to search for a clear identity in the healthcare continuum, the retail model serves as a beacon to guide the industry forward. Long an option as a potential business segment for HME providers, retail has garnered more interest in the era of Medicare competitive bidding and, as it has been for the past several years, is a major theme at Medtrade 2017. Several presentations will focus on retail at Medtrade, Oct. 23-25, often referred to by show organizers...

2017, Home Medical Equipment (HME), Medtrade

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Medtrade Show Daily

Health care needs to be integrated, data needs to flow

September 22, 2017Jeff Rowe

ATLANTA - As aging adults turn their collective economic resources to a growing array of health needs, they are increasingly interested in using technology that can help them integrate family, healthcare and community support for active, aging independence. At Medtrade in Atlanta, in “Connecting with the Silver Tsunami,” Val Ornoy, CEO of LifeAssist, will participate on a panel that will highlight some of the specific demographics and psychographics information that should be considered...

2017, LifeAssist, Medtrade, Val Ornoy

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