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'All the stuff'

'All the stuff'

We flew into Atlanta on Sunday afternoon and after an early dinner, followed by drinks in the lobby bar at the Omni, I found myself killing a bit of time (a.k.a playing with my phone).

“Psst, Theresa, can I buy you drink?” It was Rose Schafhauser, the executive director of MAMES, also killing a few minutes.

“Absolutely,” said I.

Rose and I chatted about any number of things, including how hard it can be to remember to recognize everyone for their contributions (Rose) or squeeze them in to a story (me). It turns out, Rose says one of the toughest parts of her job is the MAMES Monday newsletter.

Before long, many of Rose's Midwestern co-horts joined us and Rose mentioned the challenges inherent in pulling together information each week for the newsletter.

“HME News has got all the stuff,” said Karen Atkins of Mobility First in Independence, Mo. “Get it from them.”

I can't argue with that and I know a good quote when I hear it. But, I am glad someone is paying attention and I daresay most of the folks here at Medtrade 17 are, too.

The two sessions I attended yesterday afternoon both drew a decent crowd, even the 4 p.m. session. To be sure, that one was on buying and selling an HME, something that is on the minds of many a provider these days.

I'm not sure whether late afternoon sessions or early morning sessions are the hardest to get to, but it's off to the AAHomecare Washington Update I go!


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