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Health Complex Medical has it 'All Taken Care Of'

Health Complex Medical has it 'All Taken Care Of'

WATERBURY, Conn. - Health Complex Medical is “scrapping” its old messaging with a rebrand that highlights its expanded sleep services.

“We're not just creating a logo, it's a complete repositioning of our company,” said Jack Hogan, president and CEO. “Everything is fresh and new and crystalizes what is already happening in our building every day.”

The provider hired a marketing firm and conducted a “brand audit,” which included a blind survey of employees to get their feedback on its existing brand. That, in turn, helped the company reshape the company's message to reflect its direction and empower employees, says Hogan.

Health Complex now has a new logo and a new tagline, “All Taken Care Of.”

“We want to let everyone—our employees, our patients, our payers and our referral sources—understand we don't just provide products and services,” he said. “We understand the pain points in this industry and we try to be the solution to those pain points.”

The provider also scrapped its old, standard issue mission statement in favor of the succinct “Make the Complex Easy,” said Hogan.

“That's what we ask our staff to do—make the complex easy,” he said. “We've seen all of health care evolve into a very difficult landscape. Every day we are challenged by the mounds and mounds of documentation required by the payers, compliance issues, audit issues, and it gets in the way, it bogs down taking care of patients, which is what we started out doing when we began in 1984.”

The 33-year-old Health Complex got its start as a provider of core DME like hospital beds, walkers and commodes. It added respiratory services around 1995. Today, the provider is nearly 100% respiratory, with sleep comprising 50%.

“We've seen the ebbs and flows of the industry—just when you get comfortable, something new gets thrown at you,” said Hogan. “We've been around long enough to know that the dust will settle. If we remain vigilant at what we do, we will continue to grow.”


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