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Help us unlock impact of audits

Help us unlock impact of audits

The healthcare industry as a whole has realized that every sector must join together to get out-of-control audits under control. AAHomecare is hard at work on a legislative solution, but on the regulatory front, our industry has been asked for data on audits and we have been unable to provide it.

This is a missed opportunity in a dire situation.

Without hard facts, we will be unable to demonstrate the impact of audits on the industry.

Anecdotal stories and self-reported data are not credible and not persuasive with policymakers.

That's why AAHomecare has contracted with Provider Consulting Solutions, the company that developed the American Hospital Association (AHA) RACTRAC. Using lessons learned from RACTRAC, we are launching a new audit tracking system on behalf of the HME industry.

Called the HME Audit Key, this new system will unlock the impact of audits on HME providers. This is a massive, long-term project that will benefit the entire industry and AAHomecare is committed to making sure it is given the resources it needs to succeed.

AAHomecare is embarking on a funding campaign that will run over the next two years to raise the $250,000 necessary for the HME Audit Key. The AAHomecare executive committee and board of directors, along with The VGM Group and The MED Group, committed $43,500 in the first two weeks.

However, their generous support alone will not be nearly enough. As industry leaders, please show your commitment to this important initiative.

Visit to learn more.

—Tom Ryan, president and CEO, AAHomecare, Washington, D.C.


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