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Human resources: Creating a leadership culture

Human resources: Creating a leadership culture

In too many HME businesses, there's a lack of leadership that's leaving them ill-prepared for the minefield of audits and competitive bidding. That's the central challenge Miriam Lieber sees in her consulting work with HME providers, and she'll share her lessons learned with Medtrade Spring attendees.

HME News: How do you recommend HME providers improve their culture of leadership?

Miriam Lieber: Find ways to create an environment of leadership and accountability and measure the results. Set goals and motivate staff to do more. You have to look for people who are workers, but can be motivated to improve. Have goals and expectations in tandem so that you can spotlight performers.

HME: How much should an HME provider tell staff about the challenges they face?

Lieber: I believe you should be honest, that it's now or never. We need to tell them that we're going to do this one way or the other, and we're going to be standing in the end. You need them. You can't do this alone. They are going to make the difference.

HME: Can leadership be taught?

Lieber: Yes, for some it can be. You will know. You'll end up with two distinct groups. You'll end up with a group that wants to grow and change, and a group that doesn't want to change. You'll definitely find your true leadership.

HME: How do you counsel HME providers on how to rise to these leadership challenges?

Lieber: You need to have a management action plan with 30-, 60- and 90-day goals so you can see in black-and-white what you need to do next. Then you have a path to follow and it doesn't sound so esoteric. I start with senior management to set goals for their staff, and I give them sample goals, as well.


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