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Invacare’s exit from respiratory market is ‘devastating,’ poll respondents say

Invacare’s exit from respiratory market is ‘devastating,’ poll respondents say

newspollYARMOUTH, Maine – Invacare’s decision to discontinue production of respiratory products by the end of this year will leave a gaping hole in the market, according to the respondents to a recent HME Newspoll. 

“It’s actually devastating, when 85% or more of our oxygen concentrators are Invacare and I have a staff that knows how to work on them,” wrote one poll respondent. 

Eighty- five percent of respondents to the poll reported carrying Invacare respiratory products. The largest majority of those respondents report more than 45% of their fleet comprises the company’s products. 

A number of respondents decried the loss of HomeFill, in particular. The system allows users to refill their oxygen supply, making it a provider’s top choice for patients in rural areas and a good alternative to portable oxygen concentrators. 

“HomeFill systems are great for rural area patients, so they can always have full tanks for portability and/or emergency oxygen during power outages,” wrote one respondent. “I feel HomeFill leaving the industry will cause many patients to not have the ability to get this system for use.” 

One respondent went so far as to suggest: “I hope someone like CAIRE picks up the HomeFill. It is a great device.” 

A number of respondents noted that Invacare will be missed for its quality and durable products. 

“It is scary, in that we keep asking manufacturers for equipment we can afford, and the quality has suffered,” wrote one respondent. “I have old, slant-faced Invacare concentrators that I resurrected during the pandemic. They were good quality, but (now apparently) too expensive for Invacare to build.” 

A number of respondents cited concerns about keeping their existing Invacare products running. The company has stated it will continue to operate its respiratory parts and service business, and honor related warranty and regulatory obligations. 

“I worry more about getting this equipment repaired,” wrote on respondent. “It would be nice to know if they are selling their parts to another company and who that is, or are we just supposed to dispose of this equipment when it goes bad?”

Other respondents reported being were disappointed but that they would be “fine.” The largest majority of them plan to shift their business to Philips Respironics (37%) and Drive DeVilbiss (31%). 

“Ten years ago, our fleet was about 95% Invacare; over the last few years, we started purchasing concentrators from other manufacturers,” wrote one respondent. “Invacare became harder to deal with – paying up front for equipment, surcharges, etc., so we moved away from them. Drive has a model that is compatible with HomeFill.”


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