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JANZ supports medics in Ukraine 

JANZ supports medics in Ukraine 

JANZ supports medics in Ukraine 

COLUMBUS, Ohio – JANZ Corp. recently watched more than $1 million worth of medical supplies leave its Columbus, Ohio, headquarters bound for Ukraine. 

The shipment was the culmination of a six-month effort by Brain Finsterbusch, vice president of sales and a former U.S. Army medic, whose wife is also Ukrainian, to ensure that combat medics in Ukraine have the equipment they need to save lives on the front lines of its war with Russia. 

“We succeeded in obtaining some of the finest equipment for the Ukraine training facilities, including items that are more advanced than those used in U.S. training programs,” Finsterbusch said. “The enhanced training these medics will receive is undoubtedly going to save countless lives.” 

Working with retired U.S. Army Brigadier Gen. Mark Arnold, Finsterbusch drew on his own experience as a U.S. Army medic and his knowledge of the medical supply industry to source top-quality tools and supplies that will be used to train more than 20,000 combat medics in Ukraine. 

The shipment was funded completely by private donations through a campaign led by Arnold, who praised JANZ for its role in sourcing, packaging and shipping the supplies to Ukraine. 

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