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JMeds: Right equipment,right time

JMeds: Right equipment,right time

FORT WORTH, Texas - JMeds is on track to open a few new locations in Texas this year, with an eye on expanding nationally, says Joshua Robertson, president.

Helping the company to reach its goal: In January, it hired Jenny Swain, whose background includes physical therapy and who has a wound care specialist certification, as executive video president of sales and clinical initiatives.

“Jenny will be able to take us to a whole new level when it comes to clinical initiatives for our organization,” he said. “We're excited.”

JMeds, which provides DME, NPWT, oxygen and infection prevention services to long-term care facilities from seven distribution facilities, plans to, among other things, build on a robust wound care program that includes NPWT, wound care supplies and support surfaces.

It's the latest step in an evolution that began in 2018 when Robertson and his father, George, acquired a majority interest in JMeds from founder Jerry Williams. Previously, the Robertsons owned and operated National HME, which served hospices and which had a national presence before they sold it in 2015.

“JMeds was a small business and operated as such—it didn't even have a website,” he said. “We came in and rebranded the business, professionalized it and started implementing new technologies—a lot of our processes that we had at National HME.”

JMeds' technology platform includes the JPoint customer portal, which allows customers to place orders online and provides the company with visibility into costs and historical data. It also allows JMeds to maintain inventory control, says Robertson.

“We want to make sure we've got the right equipment for the right customer at the right time in all of our locations,” he said. “We really strive for same day service and really have an expectation of our operations staff to get there within four hours of a request.”

Technology is great, but at the core of everything JMeds does is its focus on being a relationship-driven company, says Robertson.

“A core part of our DNA is to provide quality care and we strive to be the best we can every day,” he said. “We want to be their provider partner.” hme


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