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Katie Stevens on having a team of ‘happy people’

Katie Stevens on having a team of ‘happy people’

Katie StevensLeading through a pandemic has made Katie Stevens lean more toward the empathetic side of her nature, creating change both in how she manages employees and how she evolves her business model. 

Stevens in December was named the 2021 HME Woman of the Year in a virtual presentation hosted by VGM. 

“The pandemic has forced conversations not just around the way we engage with employees and listen to what they want but also to look at processes,” said Stevens, CEO of Reliable Medical Supply. “Like everyone else, we’ve had to embrace technology and find new efficiencies that were a necessity in a financially constricted environment that will benefit us in the long run. In some ways, the pandemic has forced a changed that I think is good for the long term.”  

Stevens spoke with HME News recently about what the honor means for her and where she’d like to see the HME industry 10 years. 

HME News: How does being a woman influence your role as a leader in the HME industry? 

Katie Stevens: I think we all know that women make up the majority of health care workers, but we’re also the primary health care decision makers at home. It’s only natural that women in HME leadership have the patience and the ability to connect with not just the folks who make up the health care workforce but also the people making decisions around health care. I’s important for the HME industry to have female leaders at all levels, really. 

HME: Are we seeing more diversity in the industry? 

Stevens: Years ago, we saw and still see some homogeneity in leadership in this industry. We still see that to some degree at the executive level, but I do believe that’s evolving. I hope 10 years from now the landscape reflects further diversity – all diversity – and leadership that mirrors the patients and the communities we serve. 

HME: Does being a woman leader influence the flexibility you offer employees? 

Stevens: Things like allowing people flexibility in a time when childcare is very difficult or the flexibility to have appropriate time with family – that’s absolutely important to me, but honestly, I don’t think of it as a male vs. female problem. I try to think about the entire team. I’ve seen both genders lean way too hard into careers and compromise their personal life, and that’s something I’m sensitive to. 

HME: What does this award mean for you? 

Stevens: The recognition speaks to the entire team and culture of Reliable Medical. I suspect I was nominated by my team members and I believe that happened because they are happy. That’s a huge source of pride for me, more than the recognition itself. (I have) happy people with strong momentum that I have the privilege to support every day.



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