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Let me blog your ear off

Let me blog your ear off

My colleagues know that if I'm in the kitchen popping popcorn in the middle of the afternoon, I'm stuck on something (other than what to make for dinner—what do you think for tonight, black bean burgers?).

This afternoon, it's this blog.

I like to write two blogs a week, usually on Tuesday and Thursday, and today's Tuesday.

Usually, I'm not at a loss for what to blog about, but with the beautiful weather in Maine this week (think 80 degrees, full sun, occasional white puffy clouds, low humidity), I can't stop staring out the window thinking of all the things I'd rather be doing outside (going for a run, planting some perennials, putting another coat of spar urethane on the front and side porches of my house).

Also, there's so much going on in the HME industry right now, it's hard to focus on one thing to blog about. I'm starting to think I have ADHD. I mean, we've already put together a roundup of six news items for the week, and its only Tuesday!

Then there's everything going on behind the scenes here at HME News.

There's the HME Financial Benchmarking Survey. I can't tell you how many providers and other stakeholders call me on a yearly basis looking for this kind of data (I just got a call from a provider this week!). But if I'm going to be honest, each year, it's like pulling teeth to get providers to fill out the survey. So do yourselves and me a favor: Fill out the survey before July 27. Get the results for free. Use them to guide your strategic planning for the next quarter or next year. While you're at it, register for the HME News Business Summit, where Rick Glass and a guest speaker from Duquesne University will analyze the survey results. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

What else? I mentioned the Summit.

Oh, there are the finalist applications for the HME Excellence Awards, which are now in the hands of our three judges. We'll announce one winner in each category (Best HME Provider, Best Home Respiratory Provider and Best Rehab Technology Provider) at Medtrade in October. I want to give all the finalists kudos for getting us their applications on time—before the 4th of July holiday no less!

There's also a webcast, with Mike Speduti and VGM Forbin, on how referral sources use online resources to get educated and to make decisions (based on data from a survey of referral sources); and an upcoming Technology Special Report that will feature stories from providers on how they've used technology to change their businesses for the better (share your story here).

Lastly, we'll have an exciting announcement about our HME Databank soon (something other than the 2011 update that will happen in August/September).

Well, my popcorn's done, so I'm going to consider this blog done.

Thanks for letting me blog your ear off. I'll be back to my usual self on Thursday, I promise. Weather permitting.


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