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MED's milestone: Organization celebrates 50 years in business

MED's milestone: Organization celebrates 50 years in business

LUBBOCK, Texas - The MED Group has hosted regional conferences for its provider members over the years, but to honor its 50th year in business, it's hosting a national conference in San Antonio July 10-11.

The two-day conference, which will have the theme “dedication,” will provide networking opportunities and education.

“MED has always been dedicated to the success of the independent HME provider from our beginning,” said Rhonda Hines, division vice president. “Everything we do is about their success and supporting their commitment to providing the best patient care. We partner with industry leading manufacturers, work with payers to allow members the opportunity to bill and collect at a higher reimbursement than government payers, and provide business services that help our members reduce costs in their organizations. MED truly is dedicated to the industry and the success of our members.”

The conference will also offer provider members a view of “where we've been and look toward the future,” Hines says.

That view will include MED U, which was launched in 2001 and which has grown to more than 190 courses; and the MED National Payer Network, which makes it easier for insurance companies and benefit managers to identify providers and which has grown to represent 1,900 provider rooftops.

“The payer network has seen double-digit growth over the past five years and we see that tend continuing,” Hines said.

The view will also include the more recent MED Clinical Pathways Program, a partnership with HealthCall that allows provider members to deliver continuum of care services and software for post-discharge care and chronic care management.

“MED has adapted in a number of different ways as our members' needs have changed,” Hines said. “MCPP allows our members to expand their services to hospitals and payers for the purpose of reducing hospital readmissions and decreasing length of stays.”

As for the view “toward the future,” MED sees an increasing number of people who are aging and who want to stay in their homes, and an increasing number of caregivers who are willing to pay cash for equipment and services that help make that happen—trends that well position HME providers.

“We believe this is the best model for improving the lives of the patients they serve,” Hines said. “Without independent providers, the patients, who are our parents and grandparents, will not receive the care they need and deserve.”


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