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Medical Service Company gets aggressive about sleep

Medical Service Company gets aggressive about sleep

CLEVELAND - Medical Service Company has launched a new division, MSC Sleep, and has opened several CPAP treatment centers.

“We've seen a underserved population of sleep customers in many markets,” said Josh Marx, managing director of sleep and vice president of business development. “Customers are not getting the experience or service they deserve.”

In the past year, MSC Sleep has opened five CPAP treatment centers in three states—Ohio, New York and Kentucky—and plans to open another three in May in Indiana.

Over the next year, MSC Sleep anticipates opening six to 12 more locations.

“We are on course to offer MSC Sleep throughout the Midwest, the mid-Atlantic and the Northeast,” said Marx.

MSC Sleep is making a name for itself, Marx says, by shortening the turnaround time from diagnosis to compliance. Customers don't want to wait several days for a call back from a provider, and then weeks to get equipment, he says.

“We try to contact patients within 24 hours of receiving the referral, get them set-up on CPAP in less than a week, either in their home or at their facility, and then stay in regular contact to ensure they remain on therapy and stay compliant,” he said. “If patients are not getting set up quickly, and if they aren't hearing from their DME supplier after set up, then we think there's a pretty good opportunity for us to bring value to the market.”

While Medical Service Company, which was founded by Marx's grandparents in 1950, has built a solid reputation over the years, MSC Sleep is building its own reputation in new markets, he says.

“Our service speaks for itself,” said Marx. “Our job is to make sure our customers are happy and they have good things to say. The other side of that is, we need to make sure we are promoting our value to our sleep lab partners and the rest of the community.”


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