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Medtrade Preview: State Straight Talks bring issues to forefront

Medtrade Preview: State Straight Talks bring issues to forefront

Todd QuinlanDALLAS - Medtrade attendees who want to be part of the solution for the issues in their states need look no further than the State Straight Talks hosted by AAHomecare and regional/state association leaders. 

During last year’s State Straight Talks, for example, multiple providers expressed having issues with reimbursement for enteral formula due to formula shortages. Leaders at the Northeast Medical Equipment Providers Association (NEMEP) were able to point out that they were already working with AAHomecare to push New York’s Medicaid program to increase reimbursement for enteral formula, which the program, ultimately, did by an average of 39%. 

“Some HME providers attending Medtrade don't even know they have an HME association in their state,” said John Quinlan, owner and president of Quinlan’s Pharmacy and Medical Supply in New York and chairman of AAHomecare’s State Leaders Council. “We listen to the issues they’re having and offer possible solutions.” 

Open to all attendees, State Straight Talks will be held in the State Association Lounge at Booth No. 1259 on Wednesday, March 27. Each session will be 20 minutes long, culminating in a two-hour open meeting with regional/state association leaders. 

Conceived by Laura Williard, AAHomecare’s senior director of payer relations, the sessions shine a light on the importance of regional/state associations.  

“I felt they needed more recognition,” she said. “This gives them an opportunity to highlight what they do and to hopefully get members. The whole goal is to create stronger state and regional associations that we partner with at AAHomecare, so we are all stronger together and work with the Medicaid program state legislatures.” 

The sessions are also an opportunity for regional/state associations to show their worth, an important exercise when the industry has been so consolidated, and money is so tight. 

“It is critical that we continue to look at opportunities to improve their return on investment on their membership,” said Rose Schafhauser, executive director of the Midwest Association for Medical Equipment Services & Supplies. “One especially important opportunity for state/regional associations is bringing the membership together to work on our challenges so that as an association, we are able to be more proactive than reactive and the only way to make that happen is member engagement.”


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