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Medtrade Spring preview: Advance the cause, says speaker Dan Hayes

Medtrade Spring preview: Advance the cause, says speaker Dan Hayes

LAS VEGAS - HME providers are searching for new service model opportunities that can help them make a profit in post-discharge care.

At Medtrade Spring, in “7 Steps To Creating Profitable Revenue Streams In Post-Discharge Care,” Dan Hayes, president & CEO of HealthCall, LLC, will discuss seven steps focused on, among other things, finding customers, staffing, pricing, building credibility and avoiding some common counterintuitive pitfalls.

HME News: Can you talk about the most important step for creating profitable revenue streams in post-discharge care?

Dan Hayes: HME providers need to change the perspective of their potential client from viewing them solely as a medical equipment supplier to a company who is truly capable of achieving quality clinical patient outcomes.

HME: How do providers get their foot in the door with a hospital or health system and, when they do, convince them to pay for these services?

Hayes: The HME should work to identify the pain points of the hospital, such as a high readmission rate, excessive length of stay (LOS), or over utilization of their emergency department. A clear proposal of how the HME can help in these areas should make the hospital more receptive to their message.

HME: What's the role of technology in enabling and powering this business model for providers?

Hayes: As in most industries today, technology can play a large role in ensuring both the efficiency and efficacy of the program. (For example), technology can help the provider generate reports both on a patient level and at their company level to show the progress and success of the program.

HME: If attendees take away one thing from this session, what should it be?

Hayes: The landscape of health care is changing. Keeping patients healthy at home is the main goal of the industry today. Providers who can help advance this cause, advance their value in health care.

Dan Hayes
President & CEO, HealthCall, LLC
Tuesday, March 27, 2018 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Session: “7 Steps To Creating Profitable Revenue Streams In Post-Discharge Care”
Contact: 219-476-3459,


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