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Mike Seidel on the importance of representation

Mike Seidel on the importance of representation

KANSAS CITY – When Mike Seidel was named the recipient of the 2022 Simon Margolis Fellow Award, it might not have been a surprise for anyone else in the complex rehab technology industry, but it was for him. 

NRRTS gives out the award each year to a NRRTS registrant who has made long-standing and significant contributions to NRRTS, the CRT industry, and the overall seating and mobility community. 

“I was taken aback by it,” said Seidel, ATP, CRTS, the vice president of national accounts for Numotion, who has been involved in NRRTS in various leadership capacities over the years, including as president. “I wasn’t even aware anyone had nominated me, and I love gossip and I keep my ear to the ground. I’m so humbled.” 

During the annual meeting, NRRTS also honored Jason Kelln with a Distinguished Service Award, Greg Packer with a Leadership Award, Linda Norton with a Leadership Award and Karen Roy with a Consumer Advocate Award. 

Here’s what Seidel had to say about why he connected with Margolis, how NRRTS represents the individual and how he has contributed to the industry. 

On the Simon effect 

“Earlier in my career, I got to listen to Simon speak and I just thought he was one of the most inspirational individuals that I’ve ever had a chance to be around,” Seidel said. “It’s funny, I had a friend say to me, ‘You act like you’re at a tent revival and you’re jumping up in your seat.’ He still inspires me today to do better and be better.” 

On prioritizing the individual 

“No. 1, we’re here for the consumers we serve, but I also think NRRTS is a profession for the individual CRTS,” Seidel said. “In the beginning, company owners and people who sold wheelchairs didn’t have a voice and that changed when NRRTS was formed. The industry takes care of the industry and that’s great, but we also want the individuals to be represented and supported.” 

On expanding the voice 

“I like to think I’ve been instrumental in expanding the voice of NRRTS to other realms of health care, like case managers,” Seidel said. “I’ve done presentations at the national conference of the Case Management Society of America on the importance of credentialed providers for CRT. The more people who know, the more people who grasp that importance.”


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