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Mobile Solutions: Fix what isn't broken

Mobile Solutions: Fix what isn't broken Q. We’ve always used paper. What will a mobile solution do that paper can’t?

A. In an industry with ever-changing regulations, HME/DME organizations need a way to stay relevant and operate their businesses effectively. Traditional methods and processes this industry was built on may be tried and true, but they aren't always efficient. The providers sticking to “the old way of doing things” are finding themselves left in the dust by the competition.

This four-part series answers the question, “why fix what isn't broken?” and visits the operational benefits of going mobile, such as paper costs, billing, compliance and patient care.

Sure, traditional paper-based systems will get the job done, but not in an efficient or cost-effective manner. Think about the following questions as they relate to your workflow and operational processes:

How many delivery documents get lost between customer service, delivery teams and back office staff?

How many hours (or days) is your billing team spending hunting missing paperwork to confirm orders?

How much are write-offs costing your company because of missing documents?

I'm willing to bet these numbers aren't quite where you'd want them to be. However, with a mobile solution, they can be.

By integrating a mobile platform within the operations, companies can electronically store all documents in one location and automatically transfer forms between departments. Not only does this streamline operational efficiencies, it mitigates the potential for lost paperwork and subsequent write-offs. The increased efficiency also lessens the amount of overtime hours from staff members having to recreate or find missing documents. Lastly, providers can decrease overhead costs by nearly eliminating the budget for physical paper and reallocate full-time employees previously dedicated to scanning or filing paperwork.

Aimee Swope is a customer success specialist at Apacheta. Reach her at


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