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New Brightree CEO strives to make HME providers easier to work with

New Brightree CEO strives to make HME providers easier to work with

ATLANTA - Matt Mellott has been to Medtrade before, as an HME provider. But this year, he's at the show as the new CEO of Brightree and as the keynote speaker for the company's pre-Medtrade Brightree Summit. Here's what Mellott, formerly president of MedBridge Healthcare, had to say about how facilitating fluid communication with referral sources is the key to the company's and providers' future.

HME News: Why is being a former provider a valuable experience to have as the leader of a software company?

Matt Mellott: Leading MedBridge Healthcare the past 12 years was an invaluable experience that provided insights into the needs of post-acute healthcare providers and what they expect from a technology partner. While serving the market as both an HME and home health provider during my career—where I worked with hospitals, physician practices and industry leaders—I gained an understanding on how they measure and improve their performance, and how they react to market changes and patient needs. I believe that I have a strong grasp of the challenges that HME providers face and how to modify business strategies to adapt to the ever-changing environment, whether it's driven by Medicare, competition or market dynamics.

HME: What did you, as a provider, most value in a software company?

Mellott: At the end of the day, providers want a software company that delivers innovative solutions that facilitate fluid communication with referral sources, manufacturers and patients to increase efficiencies and deliver better patient care.

HME: Why is communication a big pain point for providers, and how can software help them relieve that pain?

Mellott: Most HME providers will tell you their biggest challenges include not having one platform that can handle all aspects of their business and the inability to share information back and forth with referral sources electronically. A software solution that enables providers to take advantage of the electronic sharing of information is a game changer in improving one's business and patient outcomes, and that is what I strive for delivering with Brightree. Such technology also helps providers to improve their credibility and relationship with referral sources. If physicians, hospitals and referral sources find it easy to work with HME providers, then it becomes a win-win for everyone.

HME: Brightree has a reputation for being forward-thinking—being part of the CommonWell Health Alliance is one example. Where is the company going to go next?

Mellott: In the coming months, we will roll out innovative solutions around interoperability with referral sources, audit and compliance response, and physician-provider engagement and efficiency to reduce order-processing time.

HME: Dave Cormack has stayed on in advisory role—what's something that you've learned from him?

Mellott: Dave spoke with me about the passion and excellence that the whole Brightree team brings each day for the work they do and the customers they help. He told me to rely on their experience, ideas and contributions. I have already experienced that dedication. Their knowledge has been invaluable, and definitely helped with the transition.


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