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New pavilion takes retail to new level

New pavilion takes retail to new level

ATLANTA - There's a new pavilion on the Medtrade show floor this year, the Retail Product Pavilion.

Medtrade and VGM have applied the successful concept of the New Product Pavilion, including an awards program on the last day of the show, to retail products.

“The industry has changed— there are a lot of folks looking for ancillary sales,” said Mark Lind, associate show director, healthcare, for Medtrade and Medtrade Spring. “We have the success of the New Product Pavilion, but it's mostly reimbursable products. We didn't want to ignore the retail side, so we're taking that model that has worked so well for new products and applying it to retail.”

In its first year, the Retail Product Pavilion will feature close to two-dozen items, everything from CBD products to wheelchair accessories, Lind says.

Medtrade's partnering with VGM on the Retail Product Pavilion to leverage their “high profile” presence in the retail market, Lind says.

“They're helping us take the next step in growing retail's presence (at the show),” he said.

Medtrade and VGM hope the Retail Product Pavilion serves as inspiration for providers already in retail and those looking to get started.

“It's my hope that as Medtrade attendees walk through the pavilion, they get a glimpse of how incremental products can not only help rejuvenate a store's profit margins but also enable providers to service their customers at a greater capacity,” said Rob Baumhover, director of VGM Retail Services. “It is always our goal to make owners feel as though they can take home the ideas displayed and easily implement them into their stores quickly.”

While retail has been a buzzword in the industry and at Medtrade for years now, interest has hit a new level, Baumhover says.

“The questions asked often go deeper than we have seen in previous years,” he said. “People are curious and excited to stream additional revenue by using more strategic facets.”



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