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New ways to make money and new ways to do business

New ways to make money and new ways to do business

When you're back at work after the New Year, and you're looking for something to take your mind off things for a few minutes while you eat lunch, check out HME News TV.

I just put together the schedule for January and February, and it's a good one. There are ideas for new ways to make money (get into home sleep testing for non-Medicare payers) and new ways to do business (eliminate non-value-added activities and use patients as couriers for documentation).

Of course, it wouldn't be HME News TV without interviews about competitive bidding, and we have that covered, too, with John Shirvinsky of PAMS and Brett Katzman of Kennesaw State University, and Wayne Grau of The MED Group.

You might even want to print out this blog and tack it to your cube or office wall as a reminder to tune in.


Jan. 11 Dave Kazynski, VGM Homelink: Get into home sleep testing without the hassle

Jan. 18 John Shirvinsky and Brett Katzman, PAMS and Kennesaw State University: Find out why MPP is the 'best system' for bidding

Jan. 25 Kirsten DeLay, Pride Mobility Products: Adapt, innovate and diversify through challenges

Feb. 1 Wayne Grau, The Med Group: Understand landmines of the bid program

Feb. 8 Joe Lewarski, Invacare: Eliminate non-value-added activities in respiratory therapy

Feb. 15 Andrea Stark, MiraVista: Use patients as couriers for documentation

Feb. 22 Wayne van Halem, van Halem Group: Use compliance program to help ward off audits

Feb. 29 Michelle Gunn, NRRTS: Show lawmakers they're better off with us than without us

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