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Nexwear believes ‘innovation is here’

Nexwear believes ‘innovation is here’

HENDERSON, Nev. – Nexwear’s recent acquisition of Lily Bird positions the company to be a bigger player in the growing and more advanced incontinence market, says Matthew Anderson, founder and CEO.  

“We’re excited for future growth through acquisitions and product extensions, and really innovating in the category,” he said. “We feel like innovation in the category is here and we feel like more is coming.” 

Lily Bird, which focuses on pads and underwear for women, complements Nexwear’s line of adult incontinence products. 

Additionally, the two companies have similar cultures, particularly when it comes to customer service, says Anderson. 

“(It’s about) understanding what works for customers and, whether it’s our first customer or our 500,000, making sure we have our processes down,” he said. “We feel whoever takes care of the customer will continue to grow indefinitely.” 

Nexwear launched in 2018, selling its branded products exclusively through, with the goal of connecting consumers with the right products to greatly improve quality of life. 

“We understand there may be more than one underlying condition,” Anderson said. “If we can get them the correct product, we leave them with one less thing to worry about.” 

Selling directly through its website allows Nexwear to have a strong customer feedback loop and continuously make improvements, says Anderson. 

“Getting to hear that feedback directly helps us move faster and better understand how to service our core group,” he said. “It also helps us tell our story directly to the customer. Like a lot of other product categories in the medical device field, service, quality and value are going to drive everything.”


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