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NorthShore hits home run with new campaign

NorthShore hits home run with new campaign

Adam GreenbergGREEN OAKS, Ill. – In a fun and attention-grabbing marketing move, NorthShore Care Supply has teamed up with Audacy’s Cubs Radio AM670 “The Score” to raise awareness around incontinence and the company’s line of adult diapers. 

NorthShore Care Supply now has an ad, read by Hall-of-Famer Pat Hughes and former All-Star Ron Coomer, that’s part of the live, in-game broadcast whenever a Cubs batter earns a walk. 

“We've tried a lot of traditional ways, through Facebook advertising, social media, influencers and so forth, to gain awareness for our brand—and all of those are great—but we ended up on radio because it gives a little bit more time and flexibility for creativity to customize the message,” said Adam Greenberg, president and founder of NorthShore Care Supply. 

The concept first came to Greenberg while watching a Cubs game in 2020. Observing a pitcher's "control problems,” he made a connection to incontinence-related "control problems." Unfortunately, due to supply chain challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, NorthShore Care Supply was unable to increase its advertising budget at the time. It wasn’t until the fall of 2022, while watching another Cubs game, that the idea resurfaced during a “strikeout” sponsorship, prompting the company to reach out to the Cubs marketing team. 

NorthShore Care Supply’s ad has gone a long way to dispel the typical taboos around incontinence and adult diapers, Greenberg says. 

“We’ve been inundated with positive feedback from customers who are so thankful that we continue to find ways to make adult diapers seem like no big deal,” he said. “They say this is having a huge impact in making them feel more like a ‘normal person’ who just needs extra support instead of a freak for needing absorbent products.” 

Since signing with the Cubs, NorthShore Care Supply has run a parallel campaign with Bulls Radio and is discussing other ideas with various teams and broadcasting partners to build on the company’s success.


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