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Now what? Apps, tech making inroads into personal health

Now what? Apps, tech making inroads into personal health

Well here's an app we could have used in the offices of HME News world HQ this winter.

The ResApp lets you cough into your phone to try and diagnose why you are hacking and coughing all over innocent coworkers (here's looking at you, Liz, cough, cough). Illness this winter took us all down, often on more than one occasion.

The ResApp has reportedly achieved 96% accuracy in diagnosing pneumonia and 100% in diagnosing asthma.

It's just the latest we've heard of in healthcare apps that purport to track everyone from fitness to sleep to disease state management. I've written before about how I use the Glucose Buddy app—when I think of it.

Provider Eric Cohen recently took a couple of sleep apps for a test drive. While Cohen said they both seemed to do as advertised, his personal take way was along the lines of, OK, now what?

Now what, indeed? We've been talking a lot about healthcare technology here lately in the office, but it mostly seems like we're talking about what it all means for the future. A future with a big question mark.

Obviously, most HME providers aren't app whiz kids, but what sorts of technology can HME providers tap into to help serve patients and grow their business?


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