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NST patients use app to 'master' sleep therapy

NST patients use app to 'master' sleep therapy

BOSTON - National Sleep Therapy (NST) has developed a proprietary iPad app to train new sleep therapy patients on how to use their CPAP devices, the provider announced this month.

“Educators have shown that people retain new information better when: (1) they're able to proceed at their own pace; (2) they learn and retain better with visuals; (3) they feel they're in control; (4) they're engaged and feel special; and (5) they can hold the teaching device in their own hands,” stated Eric Cohen, co-founder and president of NST, in a release.

Cohen, a trained engineer, developed the app.

Respiratory therapists (RTs) will oversee patient use of the app.

“Our RTs methodically guide patients through the training,” Cohen said. “As the patient becomes comfortable with each section, they check off the boxes. Items left unchecked are revisited, so the clinician can explain, answer questions, and visually demonstrate. The RT asks the patient to show they've mastered their CPAP.”

The app will be instrumental in ensuring patients are trained consistently, thoroughly and correctly in the use, care and maintenance of their CPAP machines, Cohen says.

“Doctors are often on a tight schedule so they can't always spend 60-90 minutes with a patient,” he said. “We have carefully orchestrated every minute of the setup process to maximize engagement and retention.”

NST believes this approach is applicable to other types of chronic conditions, such as diabetes.


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