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Oh, Sandy

Oh, Sandy

As most of you probably remember, the female lead in Grease is named Sandy, so I've had Grease songs in my head all week. Can't you hear John Travolta's voice? "Oh, Sandy."

Looks like Sandy's going to hit HME News World HQ with some aggressive rain and ferocious wind—enough to knock out the power and cause some flooding, but we won't be as bad off as our other Eastern Seaboard neighbors.

We'll be working from home tomorrow—provided we have power.

It's times like these that HME providers really shine. I've written a few stories about how providers react when their patients face weather crises, and providers have always taken care of their communities—they go above and beyond to serve not only their patients, but anyone they can help.

Whether that means providing oxygen at storm shelters or driving through ravaged streets to try to get patients the HME they need, providers tend to work around the clock during events like these.

The same question always comes up during these times: what if competitive bidding closes down local providers? Who will be there for patients then?

No one has given me an optimistic answer for that one.

So, as soon as the dust settles and the power comes back on in D.C., get on the phone with your representative and push MPP.

Patients who rely on local providers during Sandy should be able to back up your point: that making sure quality providers stick around is crucial.


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