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Onboarding: Create solid first impression

Onboarding: Create solid first impression

Q. Why is the onboarding experience crucial to long-term employee and company success? 

A. According to a CareerBuilder and SilkRoad Technology survey, 9% of employees have bid farewell to a company due to poor onboarding. Even more concerning is that 37% of employees said their managers failed to play a critical role in supporting their onboarding process. However, when a company implements stellar onboarding procedures, 69% of employees will likely stay with the company for at least three years. 

A few critical components of a well-executed onboarding experience can help health care employers create a solid first impression for employees and help them feel successful in their first days on the job. Effective onboarding begins with the basics – acclimation, engagement and feedback. The crucial acclimation phase helps new employees gain insights into the company’s values, mission and expectations during this period. Using online education and resources can help health care employees stay current and supported with the ongoing training demands and ensure proper on-the-job training. 

Engagement is the heart of successful onboarding. When employees feel valued and included from the start, they become integral members of the team, driving innovation and productivity. Start the onboarding process before the new employee’s first day. Send them a welcome card or swag box, their HR packet and the first week’s itinerary of what to expect. Offering immediate feedback helps health care employees and managers to build trust and rapport and make necessary adjustments. Consider adding quick touchpoints early for the employee to ask questions and discuss their progress.  

In a world where talent is a valuable currency, companies must pay attention to the importance of onboarding by investing time and resources in crafting an onboarding program that seamlessly integrates acclimation, engagement and feedback. This trifecta paves the way for a harmonious work environment where employees thrive, and companies flourish with a satisfied and engaged workforce. 

Cindy Diehl Yang is vice president at VGM Education. Reach her at


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