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Online retailer bridges HST, Rx gap

Online retailer bridges HST, Rx gap

NEW YORK – Customers of The CPAP Shop can now get a home sleep test and prescription through Sleep Care online’s SimpleRx and Complete Care solutions.  

This new capability is the result of a new partnership between The CPAP Shop, an online retailer of sleep equipment, and Sleep Care online, a national telemedicine services provider for self-pay patients with sleep disorders. 

“The SimpleRx corrected an issue we’ve seen during our 16 years, which is customers saying, ‘I don’t have a prescription, but I’ve been on CPAP for a long time’ or ‘I’ve moved’ or ‘I don’t have insurance’ or ‘My health care provider has gone out of business,’” said Anthony Zadnik, CEO of Agile Medical, the parent company of The CPAP Shop.  

For $79.99, patients can renew their prescription for CPAP therapy with a board-certified, licensed physician after a 15-minute telehealth visit, sometimes in 24 hours or less. Those who haven’t been previously diagnosed with OSA or aren’t currently being treated with PAP therapy, don’t qualify for SimpleRx. 

However, those patients can purchase a Complete Care package from Sleep Care online that bundles a home sleep apnea test, one telehealth consultations with a board-certified sleep physician and a prescription. 

“Anyone who is in HST or understands how to set up a project like this knows there’s a lot of steps to finalizing it, but the pandemic has accelerated that by at least three to five years,” said Zadnik. 

As telehealth becomes more accessible and consumers’ comfort level with the process increases, Zadnik sees the space growing exponentially, “from the top of the funnel, which is the testing piece, all the way down through sleep coaching and continuing with care on sleep and health issues.” 

“We’re looking to potentially increase testing on insomnia and other sleep-related issues, and we have a doctor network through Sleep Care online that we can offer other services,” he said. 


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