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OPGA’s Miller on O&P’s alliance

OPGA’s Miller on O&P’s alliance

Adam MillerAdam Miller doesn’t have a background in orthotics and prosthetics, but in his new role as president of VGM’s Orthotic and Prosthetic Group of America, he stands ready to support members in any way they need. 

“They are the best in the world at providing expert clinical care to patients and doing it for the right reasons,” he said. “I can’t tell an orthotist or prosthetist how to better fit a patient, but I can sure help them when it comes to buying products or helping their business.” 

Miller spoke with HME News recently about how he plans to help OPGA members grow their business and why it’s important to build on former OPGA President Todd Eagan’s legacy of advocacy. 

HME News: What are some of your key priorities at OPGA? 

Adam Miller: We will be joining the national board for the National Association for Advancement in Orthotics & Prosthetics. Todd Eagan was very well respected so it’s a great luxury to follow that. Another thing for our membership in 2023 is supplier partners that will save members money. We’ll also focus on bringing on new vendor partners that represent either innovation or ways to make money or creating different revenue streams. Finally, there are ancillary services that OPGA can help offer, but OPGA is part of something bigger and would do our members a disservice not to make sure they are aware of other divisions like VGM Insurance, Homelink and Moxie. 

HME: There has been a lot of innovation in O&P. How do you see that impacting the profession? 

Miller: Innovation is the future of O&P. With 3D printing and bionic legs, there’s a lot of new and fascinating (advances). I think in the next 10 years we’ll be in a place nobody today thinks is possible. It’s an amazing time for O&P. 

HME: The O&P industry has long been active on both the regulatory and legislative front. Are you rolling up your sleeves to tackle that aspect? 

Miller: The biggest thing right now is H.R. 1990/S. 2556, known as the Medicare O&P Patient-Centered Act, (which would, among other things, expand a competitive bidding exemption to include orthotists and prosthetists, and prohibit drop-shipping of non-OTS orthotics). That’s currently being worked on and we’re hoping to get it included and adopted before yearend. I think we’re closer than any other year. What’s reassuring about the profession is you’ve got the major players, like AOPA and NAAOP, who have come together to form one alliance, one unified voice from an industry standpoint. You don’t always see that in the other health professions. It’s refreshing to be part of that.


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