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Outsourcing: Don't rely on point person

Outsourcing: Don't rely on point person

Todd UsherQ. Why don’t I just “farm it out”?

A. Intake and billing are critical functions that directly affect cash flow and your reputation as a provider. These functions are vital to your success.

When these functions are “farmed out,” you have little to no control over who is working your accounts, and what kind of in-depth knowledge and dedication they have. Assigned to your account is a “point person" who, in our experience, does not know what team member is working your accounts, and what their strengths and weaknesses and prior experiences are. They may skim over your accounts performing the bare minimum but, on the surface, it looks like they are working or “touching” all accounts. Are they really digging?  Are they concerned about the health of your company? Water doesn’t boil at 210 degrees.

Instead, why not hire qualified and fully trained remote personnel to work in-house full time. Hiring remote personnel is not considered “farming out.” Remote personnel can be a team that meets your exact standards, working alongside your existing local team. They adopt your culture and your KPI expectations, and share in the daily responsibility of taking care of your referrals and patients. They are not anonymous behind a “point person." They report directly to your leadership team. Under these conditions, you have the same control as you always had, but at a much lower cost. 

The cost to hire remote personnel can be lower than the 6% you pay for the other service. Remote personnel are familiar with HME billing practices, LCD requirements and operating systems. They work for you. They are concerned about doing a good job and want to achieve your company goals. You have saved more money and achieved better KPIs and, therefore, have no need to “farm it out” to a service.

Todd Usher is founder of Tactical Back Office, Inc. Reach him at [email protected] or 800.5589.7501.


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