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Outsourcing: Ensure best partner

Outsourcing: Ensure best partner Q. How do I choose and manage the right partner when outsourcing business processes?

A. There is a distinct set of operating and management principals needed to outsource processes. 

In HME, the brand is built on referral and patient relations; manufacturing and business processes can be outsourced.

The number one management principal when outsourcing is for the leader to communicate vision, remove obstacles and align rewards and recognition with staff's ability to lead extended work teams. It is imperative for staff to understand what is and is not being outsourced. 

Institutional knowledge of your company's unique processes created specifically for your customer and payer mix should never be outsourced. Frustration arises when problems occur and the source of the problem is impossible to determine because the processes and software are aligned outside the organization. 

To succeed in outsourcing, your internal team leads and manages the outsource partner through a consultative and collaborative implementation process where best practices and training manuals are shared. The outsource teams becomes a true extension of your organization over time, to the point where your partner thinks and problem solves like you.

The outsourcing partner must operate with this philosophy. To have a fully integrated partner they must first understand your approach. Once your approach is mastered, do they have the consultative experience to collaborate on best practices and processes moving forward? Are they system agnostic and willing to work in the system you have determined best? And do they have a strong onshore presence working with you to manage your overseas team?

Once these questions are answered, a true partnership in outsourcing is accomplished.

Tim Crimmins is vice president of business development for EqualizeRCM Services. He can be reached at


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