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Outsourcing: Scale with the right team members

Outsourcing: Scale with the right team members

Todd UsherQ. How can I scale my personnel needs? 

A. Signing a new contract or being awarded a new payer can leave you waiting for customers or inundate you with new business. In the case of the latter, you can go through the arduous process of hiring, farm-out to a service or onboard remote personnel.   

Hiring takes time, careful consideration, and choosing the right people and capital with no guarantee of return, especially in the current environment where the average turnover rate is 18%, according to the Society of Human Resource Management. “What’s in it for me” seems to rule the attitude and conversation within the first 90-days of onboarding. Job-hopping employees only last a year or two then jump ship. 

A service can do the job but does not provide the “team” you may desire to assimilate into your company. 

The other option is hiring remote personnel to complete the required job functions. When you hire remote personnel, you do not worry about where the next candidate is coming from. You have a pool of qualified candidates trained with specific skillsets that you can select based on your specific needs. 

It is equally important they are a good fit into your company culture. Having a choice between multiple qualified candidates already trained makes your life less stressful and more enjoyable. 

The reduced costs of remote personnel will even allow you to hire a few more to nicely round out the needs of your company that you may, otherwise, not fill due to budget constraints. You can exchange personnel, move them around, promote them or simply assign team members to better match their proven skillsets as you see fit.   

Scaling does not need to be a headache.  It can be as simple as choosing the remote team (member) that makes your life a little smoother. 

Todd Usher is founder of Tactical Back Office, Inc. Reach him at [email protected] or 800.5589.7501. 


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