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Phoenix flies after $1 million infusion

Phoenix flies after $1 million infusion

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. - James Rogers has a million reasons to be excited about the future of Phoenix Rehab and Mobility.

The provider, who bought Fuller Rehab's assets earlier this year to open Phoenix Rehab, received $1 million in funding from SunTrust Bank Oct. 17.

“We needed an infusion of capital to continue growth,” said Rogers, owner and CEO. “We're going to use this as a platform to build the company.”

Among his plans: open at least three new complex rehab locations and create two mobile complex rehab clinics to serve eight states—Fuller's former footprint.

“A lot of folks can't afford to get where they need to go for complex rehab,” said Russell Collins, Phoenix's clinical director. “There are a lot of rural areas that are really underserved. So we're bringing our staff to them.”

The mobile units will make regular trips to those areas, allowing users to make appointments for wheelchair maintenance.

Rogers, who also owns PPS Orthotic and Prosthetics, plans to construct his own custom seating to get clients the equipment they need sooner.

“There are a lot of problems when it comes to turnaround times,” said Rogers. “It might be three months, and a lot of things can change in that time, especially for pediatrics.”

All of these initiatives will move the company further away from a standard power-focused model and allow Rogers to build on complex rehab, which he describes as a unique and fulfilling challenge.

“I love to work with the most complicated and difficult patients,” said Rogers. “I love the high tech aspects and the opportunity to improve people's quality of life.” HME


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