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Poll respondents lean toward Trump

Poll respondents lean toward Trump

YARMOUTH, Maine - President Donald Trump is the top pick for president for 57% of the respondents to a recent HME Newspoll.

A slightly higher percentage of respondents, 59%, believe Trump will best Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

“A Trump win will be good for small business vs. Biden,” wrote Randall Cramer. “Namely, less taxation and regulation. Improvement in reimbursement is essential to the future of the HME industry.

Since the business-friendly Trump took office, his administration has made reducing burdensome regulations a priority, say some respondents.

If the industry plays its cards right, there's no reason to think that won't translate into bigger gains for HME businesses, too, they say.

“There's so much going on politically that I believe with the appropriate approach from (industry stakeholders), there will be meaningful positive impact, wrote Deborah Parra. “Trump actually did what he said he would do, so I believe he will with HME also.”

But the HME industry is also an industry firmly rooted in health care and some respondents say they can't overlook both Trump's and the Republican party's efforts to overturn the Affordable Care Act.

“The Trump administration is in court trying to end insurance coverage for 20 million Americans,” wrote one respondent. “His administration has destroyed the reputation of the Centers for Disease Control. These two issues have far-reaching effects throughout the entire health industry, not just HME.”

It simply makes no sense for businesses that depend on Medicare and Medicaid funding to support a Republican, say some respondents.

“Republicans want to make health care harder to obtain,” wrote one. “Always have; always will.”


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