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Prometheus Group turns Prochant

Prometheus Group turns Prochant ‘That’s an important element of modern marketing—making up a word and owning it, like Facebook and Spotify’

RALEIGH, N.C. - It's a bold move to change the name of a company that has been in the HME industry for about 20 years, but that's just what The Prometheus Group, now Prochant, has done.

Prochant, a provider of revenue cycle management services, debuted recently with a new logo, graphics, website and messaging.

“This company has grown organically over the years through referrals and word of mouth, but as we looked to grow through more traditional marketing channels, it was time to change our name, now or never,” said Joey Graham, vice president of operations.

Because there are literally hundreds of companies with Prometheus in their name, it would have been nearly impossible for the company to, for example, rise significantly in Google's search engine rankings.

But with a unique name like Prochant—pro represents the professional and proactive nature of the company's team members; and chant represents the persistent nature of its activities—it's a real possibility, Graham says.

“That's an important element of modern marketing—making up a word and owning it, like Facebook or Spotify,” he said.

Prochant's decision to invest in more traditional marketing channels is a sign the company is “doubling down” on HME—it sees the demographics leaning in the industry's favor and reimbursement, hopefully, stabilizing, Graham says.

“We're investing because we feel like there's a huge opportunity,” he said.

Prochant believes ramping up its marketing will allow it to capitalize on the increasing number of providers looking to outsource billing, Graham says.

“In the past, outsourcing was a bad word” he said. “Now providers are turning to it. It's the last place to save costs and improve efficiencies, and it allows them to focus on their core business—delivering outstanding patient care.”

Riding the wave of its new brand, Prochant expects to triple in size in the next three years, says Raj Misra, vice president of marketing.

“We are also in the process of significantly un-leveling our technology offering with process automation through a platform called Prochant Flow and the application of predictive algorithms to help improve HME provider profitability,” he said. “So rebranding to a more modern-looking presence makes sense.”


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