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Q&A: 'All about increasing standards'

Q&A: 'All about increasing standards'

Mike Osborn was recently named president of the National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers (NRRTS). He is the co-owner of Alliance Rehab and Medical Equipment in Ozark, Mo. Osborn joined the board of NRRTS eight years ago. He also has served as secretary, at-large and review chair. He recently spoke to HME News about the ways NRRTS is helping its members.

HME News: What do you bring to the role of president?

Mike Osborn: Our board is such a strong board. There's been a lot going on in the industry, and we've had some phenomenal leadership coming into me being president. I'm a facilitator more than a leader.

HME: What do you make of the consolidation in the industry?

Osborn: Consolidation has the potential to change the industry. I'm lucky because I'm the owner of our company. Insurance companies use us because we are smaller. I do think there's a change in the industry, but it comes back to doing what we can do for the people we work with.

HME: Where do you see complex rehab in five or 10 years?

Osborn: Funding is really dictating where we are going. We hope we are moving in the direction of industry coming together and working with funding sources. We can provide increased services and better quality of equipment to our users. To me, this is what NRRTS is all about.


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