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React Health CEO: How do we make a frictionless solution? 

React Health CEO: How do we make a frictionless solution? 

Bill ShoopSARASOTA, Fla. – Bill Shoop, who spent 20 years working his way up the ladder at ResMed, says his move to React Health is about “unfinished business.” 

“I still think there’s a lot of work to do,” said Shoop, React Health’s new CEO. “I think, as we’ve started to understand more about sleep disorders and respiratory insufficiencies, the approach to diagnosis and treatment has stayed the same. How do we make a more frictionless solution?” 

Here’s what Shoop, formerly vice president and general manager of North America for ResMed, had to say about creating a better model for therapy. 

HME News: When you look at your career at ResMed, what’s something you’re most proud of? 

Bill Shoop: When I started 20 years ago, sleep disorders were largely unknown and CPAP therapy was even more unknown. Over that time, not only have we taken it to something that is a big business, but it is recognized as one of the three pillars of a healthy life – diet, exercise and sleep. I feel like I had a major hand in that. The fact that physicians understand the importance of sleep and the comorbidities that can come along with it, like diabetes, heart failure and hypertension – that shows the progress that we’ve made. 

HME: Why were you up for the challenge of joining React Health? 

Shoop: Where React Health is right now and the role I’m coming into, it gives me the opportunity to shape things a little more than I’ve ever had. It’s a nimbler company, because it’s smaller. And decision making is pretty easy, because there aren’t as many people.  

HME: Where do you see React Health having the biggest impact on the market? 

Shoop: I think patients are waiting too long for therapy – from the time they start thinking about it to the time they’re put on therapy, you’re talking about months, not weeks. Think about it, if you’re having chest pains, it’s not that way. The importance of what patients are dealing with is directly attributable to how long it takes them to receive care; if it takes a long time, it must not be important. We need a streamlined solution that keeps the patient involved every step of the way – from diagnosis to the read out to the product shipment to the set up to the follow up – and we can do that by creating partnerships like we are doing, because it’s not going to get done by one individual company. 

HME: Coming into this leadership role at React Health, what’s your top goal? 

Shoop: Focus! There’s been a lot of turnover and changes here at React in a short period of time, and one thing I want to do is create focus. Because of how we came about, we’ve been running really fast, and we’ve grown to the point where we need to get focused and make sure we build a structure that is going to support the business, the industry and the patients long term.  


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