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React Health: ‘We’re here to stay’

React Health: ‘We’re here to stay’

Clint GeffertSARASOTA, Fla. – After two years in which React Health got a new name and new leadership, and boosted its product portfolio with a number of sizable acquisitions, the company’s vision is starting to come together, says Clint Geffert, president of commercial operations. 

Since being purchased by a group of industry investors in 2021, React Health, formerly 3B Medical, has acquired Ventec Life Systems, which makes the VOCSN ventilator; Drive DeVilbiss’ IntelliPAP line of CPAP devices and, most recently, Invacare’s respiratory assets. React has also bought several diagnostic companies, including a home sleep testing company, Watermark Medical; and two cardiac monitoring companies, MediComp (now ReactDx) and Medilynx. 

“We want to have a portfolio that can help providers change the dialogue to be more about disease states and end-to-end care,” Geffert said. “From a manufacturer perspective, we want to be able to go to them with a portfolio that’s more patient-centric vs. product-specific.”  

Geffert, who joined React Health in early 2022 and who previously led VGM & Associates, joins Tom Pontzius, president of operations, who joined React Health in late 2021 and who previously worked at Philips, in leading the company. 

React was, in some ways, pushed to make many of these moves, and perhaps on an accelerated timeline, were a pandemic, a tough supply chain environment and a major recall by a large manufacturer, Geffert says. 

“We made a gamble that there was an opportunity for another larger player in the respiratory space,” he said. “We thought that if we could put together a team with some experience and we could expand to have a full portfolio, we could give providers an alternative.” 

React now has “a whole lot of work going on in the background,” Geffert says, to get, for example, Invacare’s respiratory products back into production, and to ramp up its sales team and clinical staff to support increased awareness and use of its portfolio. 

“This is still a relationship business, and you have to be viewed as a partner to providers finding solutions,” he said. “Having more of a presence in the field says, ‘We’re here to stay; we’re building a company and a brand you can rely on.’” 


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