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Heartland Conference invites all providers

May 16, 2019HME News Staff

WATERLOO, Iowa - VGM has opened up its annual Heartland Conference to all HME providers for the first time. The move was driven by CMS's plans to consolidate all competitive bidding areas for Round 2021, the company says. “Due to the changes in competitive bidding, VGM will carry the torch to support all HME providers whether they're part of our membership community or not, because it's best for patients, providers and the industry as a whole,” said Clint Geffert, president of VGM & Associates....

Clint Geffert, heartland conference, Home Medical Equipment, VGM

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Let's destroy the walls of our comfort zone together

November 30, 2018Guest Commentary

It's hard to believe that 2018 is quickly coming to an end. In this industry, we blink and another year is behind us. At VGM, we experienced many examples this year that truly illustrate productive change—forward movement in technology, providers dipping their toes in the waters of opportunity, and engagement at all levels to continue to come together to take care of America's post-acute patients.We launched a series of playbooks in 2018as a resource for both providers and manufacturers that...

Clint Geffert, VGM

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VGM launches new playbook

January 31, 2018HME News Staff

WATERLOO, Iowa - The VGM Group has released its latest playbook, “Industry Snapshots: Forecasting 2018.” The free playbook includes articles on compliance, data and security, mega trends, tax bill implications and the economy. “In 2018 there is little debate there will continue to be change and uncertainty in the DMEPOS community,” said Clint Geffert, president of VGM & Associates, a division of VGM Group. “But, where there's a threat, a great opportunity awaits. Our...

Clint Geffert, Home Medical Equipment, playbook, The VGM Group

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Heartland ushers in new era, providers in tow

June 17, 2016Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

WATERLOO, Iowa - Igniting ideas and cultivating connections was the ever-positive theme at last week's Heartland Conference, now in its 15th year.“The energy level was high, and there was great engagement and thought-provoking conversations from vendors and members,” said Clint Geffert, president of VGM & Associates. “During one of the final sessions, on the last day, we asked attendees to give one word about how they felt after three days of networking and education, and they said...

Clint Geffert, google, Heartland Conference 2016, Mike Mallaro, The VGM Group

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Reunited in the name of retail

March 21, 2016Liz Beaulieu, Editor

OLD FORGE, Pa. - Retail powerhouses Golden Technologies and The VGM Group have reunited to help HME providers up their game.Golden, a manufacturer of lift chairs and mobility products designed for cash sale, and The VGM Group, a member services organization with a Retail Services division, kicked off a joint tour on March 15 in Philadelphia to educate providers on everything from showroom layout and design to merchandising to retail metrics.“We've been watching them and they've really taken...

C.J. Copley, Clint Geffert, golden technologies, The VGM Group

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Guest Blog

Use 'The Force' to evolve in growing market

March 3, 2016HME News Staff

If you're anything like my family, making a visit to the local cinema to watch the new Star Wars film was a must-do. My three boys were fascinated with the movie and characters, just as the original Star Wars had captured imaginations a generation ago. Based on the enormous box office numbers, it's still a great time to be in the Star Wars business, just as it was when the original movie premiered in 1977. The original Star Wars debut coincided with the beginning of the modern DME business. The Health...

change, Clint Geffert, demographics, VGM

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Build a business for the best of times

January 4, 2016Guest Commentary

In “A Tale of Two Cities” Charles Dickens wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…” In the past few years, the HME industry has experienced some of the best of times and some challenging times. We have seen providers and manufacturers make some very smart moves; we have also seen them misjudge the market, leading to less than favorable results. Those companies that are enduring have figured out how...

Clint Geffert, VGM & Associates

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Exec team revamped

December 23, 2014Jeff Rowe

In addition to launching its new Emerging Markets division, the VGM Group is appointing several new faces to its executive team.Among the new team members: Clint Geffert, who was brought on board in 2012 as national vice president of sales, has been named president, Dave Lyman is the new director of alternate care and Chris Hetherton has been tapped to fill the newly created position of vice president of operations.The move comes as part of VGM's effort to continue to evolve and embrace this dynamic...

Clint Geffert, The VGM Group

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Smart Talk

Sales: Plan to get the close

December 1, 2014Clint Geffert

A. Have you ever gone to the store for a specific item, only to return home with a full bag of “stuff” and realize you forgot the one item you went to the store for? Believe it or not, sales representatives have similar occurrences when they make sales calls without a sales strategy.A sales strategy is the plan that positions a company to achieve a competitive advantage. Sales strategies guide sales representatives to focus a company or product(s) toward specific customers and then communicate...

Clint Geffert

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Smart Talk

Sales: Provide road map for success

November 3, 2014Clint Geffert

A. Most people think sales people are “born” to sell. I disagree. I think some people are just born with the gift of gab and people mistake it for having the ability to sell. Selling is a skill that is honed and developed over time. A sales representative is the face of your company and their behaviors and actions are a reflection of your business. Are your current sales professionals representing you in a way you desire?Sales training is not something that should be done as a onetime...

Clint Geffert, sales, The VGM Group

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