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Dan Fedor


Medicare Advantage: Industry fights back

June 14, 2024Liz Beaulieu

WATERLOO, Iowa – There’s a renewed call to submit data that demonstrates Medicare Advantage plans are wrongly denying coverage for home medical equipment, and during a panel at the VGM Group’s Heartland Conference on June 11, stakeholders shared a prime example.  Stakeholders have been encouraging providers, where applicable, to submit claims through the prior authorization process for traditional Medicare, even for Medicare Advantage patients. If Medicare approves the claim...

Heartland Conference, Medicare Advantage, VGM Group

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Nikki Jensen

Specialty Providers

EW’s Focus is at Heartland

April 26, 2024Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

WATERLOO, Iowa – VGM’s Heartland Conference will host Focus at Heartland this year, a change in format for Essentially Women’s annual conference that will allow organizers to “go above and beyond” what they offer women’s health providers, says Nikki Jensen.  “The abundance of resources and thought leaders that we have at Heartland – this is an unprecedented opportunity to bring it to EW members,” said Jensen, vice president of EW, a division...

Essentially Women, Focus Conference, Heartland Conference, VGM

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Arienne Martinez


Heartland meets attendees where they’re at

April 12, 2024Tracy Orzel

WATERLOO, Iowa – In a strategic shift, the VGM Heartland Conference will open with a greeting from several company leaders, including CEO Jeremy Stolz, to discuss initiatives geared toward helping their members grow.  Among those initiatives, AI has emerged as a critically relevant topic, and attendees can expect several sessions dedicated to exploring its impact and applications.  “We're in the technology revolution right now and it's not going away,” said...

Heartland Conference, Home Medical Equipment (HME)

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Tyler Mahncke


U.S. Rehab puts CRT at ‘forefront’ at Heartland

March 22, 2024Liz Beaulieu, Editor

WATERLOO, Iowa – U.S. Rehab has announced that RESNA will have an increased presence at the Heartland Conference this year, giving complex rehab technology professionals more opportunities to access education and networking.  RESNA, whose board of directors last year opted to pause its annual conference, will provide several sessions for Heartland’s rehab track.  “There has always been a rehab track at Heartland, but we’re adding 50% more CRT education than...

Complex Rehab, Heartland Conference, U.S. Rehab

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Lindy Tentinger

Also Noted

VGM opens registration for 2024 Heartland Conference 

March 4, 2024HME News Staff

WATERLOO, Iowa – Registration for VGM’s annual Heartland Conference, scheduled for June 10-12 in Waterloo, Iowa, is now open. Special early bird pricing is available to those who register before April 12, with registration covering all the event has to offer – education tracks, meals, entertainment, networking and more. “At VGM’s Heartland Conference, we don’t just bring together industry experts, we create a vibrant ecosystem where knowledge meets innovation,”...

2024, Heartland Conference, Registration, VGM Group

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Heartland Conference: How to ‘outperform stress,’ why MA plans are here to stay, what makes resupply promising

June 14, 2023Liz Beaulieu, Editor

WATERLOO, Iowa – VGM kicked off its 2023 Heartland Conference on Tuesday with a keynote session from Adam Markel on “change proof resilience,” an apt topic for HME provider attendees navigating the fast-paced health care environment.  Markel, who is a former lawyer turned researcher, speaker and author of a number of books, including Change Proof, said resilience, contrary to what we think, is not about Rocky-like endurance.  “That’s the grit model,”...

2023, Heartland Conference, Home Medical Equipment (HME), Medicare Advantage, VGM Group

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Also Noted

VGM opens registration for Heartland 

February 21, 2023HME News Staff

WATERLOO, Iowa – VGM has opened registration for its 22nd Heartland Conference scheduled for June 12-14 in Waterloo, Iowa, with special pricing until April 14. “Heartland is more than a premier educational conference,” said Jeremy Stolz, president of VGM & Associates and VGM Fulfillment. “It also provides unique opportunities to make important connections with key experts and colleagues in the industry. Heartland is truly the best place to be part of something bigger....

Heartland Conference, VGM Group

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In brief: Pharmacy deserts, new CEO at National HME, OM donation

October 28, 2022HME News Staff

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The National Community Pharmacists Association and the University of Southern California are collaborating on a new interactive mapping tool that could promote health equity by identifying pharmacy shortage areas in the United States. The tool can also help policymakers see the consequences of pharmacy benefit manager practices that are believed to contribute to pharmacy access issues. The tool shows nearly one in four neighborhoods nationwide are pharmacy shortage areas....

Broda Seating, Heartland Conference, Home Medical Equipment (HME), National HME, RestorixHealth, VGM Canada

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Also Noted

VGM seeks speakers for Heartland Conference 

October 26, 2022HME News Staff

WATERLOO, Iowa – VGM is now accepting proposals from prospective speakers for its annual Heartland Conference. The conference committee is looking for speakers to offer their knowledge on a variety of topics related to the HME industry, including billing and reimbursement, business operations and leadership strategies. “The call for speakers for Heartland Conference 2023 is now open, and we could not be more excited,” said Kayla Mahler, Heartland education chair. “Our education...

Call for Speakers, Heartland Conference, VGM Group

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Katie Stevens


Changing workforce requires leadership shift

August 2, 2022Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

WATERLOO, Iowa – Successful business leaders have always been tasked with driving results, but these days, it’s also important to remember, “We’re all in the people business,” says Christa Miehe.  “We can’t accomplish (goals) by ourselves, though we try,” Miehe, president of Moxie, a division of the VGM Group, said during a session at the Heartland Conference in June called “Leadership Lessons: Real Advice from Real Women Leaders.”...

Christa Miehe, Employee Satisfaction, Heartland Conference, Katie Stevens, VGM Group

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