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Rehab Medical ‘grows bench’ to grow company

Rehab Medical ‘grows bench’ to grow company

INDIANAPOLIS – Rehab Medical expects another year of 30% growth in 2022, much of it expected to come from the territories it expanded into in the past two years, says President Kevin Gearheart. 

The company has made several acquisitions and opened several new offices in 2020-21, stretching its presence into Florida (including Tampa and Orlando), Tennessee (Nashville) and Texas (Austin). 

“As we’re growing at such a fast pace, we need to make sure we’re sustainable and sound,” he said. “So, this year is all about the foundation we’ve set in new territories and seeing growth from those this year and next year.” 

Rehab Medical also opened an office in Elmhurst, Ill., in January, its first in the state, to serve the Chicago market. 

Although it plans to continue making acquisitions, Rehab Medical considers opening new offices its main MO, Gearheart says. 

“When we shifted to complex rehab 10 years ago, we had eight locations and didn’t have any money, so we couldn’t acquire anyone,” he said. “So, we took a market that we were already in and expanded into a nearby area. That’s how we ended up in Tampa and Orlando, from Winter Haven. That’s worked very well for us.” 

To make that work, Rehab Medical prioritizes employee development to make sure it has the leaders it needs to open new offices at the ready. 

“Growing our bench and using it when we have the opportunity to has been the biggest part of our success,” he said. 

That approach is reflected in the fact that Rehab Medical hired a net of 93 employees, promoted 41 employees and added more than 10 ATPs in 2021, Gearheart says. Not a simple feat during a labor shortage. 

“We have our own internal training and education program that we’ve invested time and money in,” he said. “We make sure employees are engaged and that we’re developing them. It’s all about building the right structure.” 


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